Welcome to Gatso, part of the Sensys Gatso Group, the experts in traffic enforcement.

We deliver traffic enforcement solutions around the world, from design and manufacture, to installation and operation. My grandfather was Maurice Gatsonides; sports enthusiast, racing champion and entrepreneur. He invented the first speed camera to measure speed on the race track and quickly realized he could use this technology to improve road safety. In 1958 he introduced the world’s first speed measuring device and the first speed camera, the Gatsometer, in 1964 and Gatso was born.

My grandfather’s passion for keeping people safe on the road is very much alive in the Sensys Gatso Group today and we’ve built a global team of experts and partners that share that passion. Our engineers, scientists, and photographic experts work diligently to create the world's most sophisticated traffic enforcement systems.

Our history of innovation is unique, and our attention to detail and dedication to service is unparalleled. Our solutions and products offer you convincing measurable results, are the most cost efficient on the long run and lead to less traffic casualties. It’s no wonder that the Sensys Gatso Group has been chosen to deliver and implement 50,000 installations in more than 70 countries. More than fifty-five years later we’re still the leaders in speed and red-light enforcement.

Road safety is more than just business to us: it’s in our blood.

Timo Gatsonides

Executive Vice President, Gatsometer B.V.